Contract Administration & Compliance

contractPickett & Associates, LLC assists clients with Contract Administration and Compliance services from the stage of Request for Proposal (RFP) until project award and beyond.

Our contract compliance services include the following activities according to the phase of the project:

Proposal and Pre-proposal:

  • Develop compliance programs for government agencies and companies.
  • Write and review RFP contract compliance requirements.
  • Attend Pre-bid meeting to review compliance requirements with vendors.
  • Work with vendors to answer their questions about compliance during proposal writing.
  • Work with agency or company to select the winning proposal including based on the completeness of their contract response.

Contract Award

  • Ensure the winning proposal is complete with all compliance requirements.

Contract Implementation

  • Work with vendors once project starts to ensure that they submit all their paper work to be in contract compliance.
  • Train contractors and subcontractors on contract compliance.
  • Train and assist vendors with request for payments and using information systems such as LCP Tracker and B2Gnow Systems.
  • Ensure vendors are paid in a timely fashion by agency or company.
  • Audit the prime’s inclusion of SBE, DBE and other certified businesses agreed to in proposal.