Community Outreach (SBE/DBE)

outreachOur Community Outreach services include all required activities to assist our clients in gaining project buy-in and participation from all stakeholders.

Public agency and private clients want Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) to participate in contracts of as part of:

  • Good Faith Effort (GFE)
  • Contracting requirements
  • Company goals etc.

Pickett & Associates, LLC has the connections with government agencies and the business community in order to reach SBE and DBE companies who are qualified to contract with our clients.

We provide outreach to the community stakeholders through targeted public relations drives and events. Our events are successful because of our strong relationships with:

  • Local government agencies
  • Corporate management
  • Public figures etc.

We have an extensive network and vast reach into communities to engage large numbers of affected stakeholders.