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Community Development Commission County of Los Angeles (LACDC)


Willowbrook Senior Center Renovation

Project Value:

$1.7 Million


2015 to Present


Youth Employment and Labor Compliance

Project Description:

The Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District (District) funds the acquisition, development, improvement, restoration, and rehabilitation of real property for parks and park safety, senior recreation facilities, gang prevention, beaches, recreation, community and cultural facilities, trails, wildlife habitats, and natural land, under Proposition A Grant Program. Willowbrook Senior Center Refurishment consists of kitchen, exercise room, computer room, and office. New patio/shade structure; new security camera system; new paint, ceiling tiles and flooring throughout the building.

Services Highlights:

Develop an adopted At-Risk” Youth Employment Plan. Recruit, interview and certify at-risk youth to participate in the construction work. Monitor contractor compliance of youth employment goal.